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During a recent hospitalization I was feeling overwhelmed and terrified with the diagnoses I received and the treatment my doctors were recommending. Thankfully, one of my nurses gave me the contact information for ABC FOR YOUR HEALTH. I connected with Barbara, Patient Advocate and Healthcare Liaison for ABC FOR YOUR HEALTH who was instrumental in getting me back on my feet and feeling like myself again. Barbara came to the hospital prior to me being discharged, met with myself, my doctors and my nurses, and together we came up with a care plan that put me on the track to full recovery. Barbara coordinated all my doctor appointments that I needed to schedule following discharge and accompanied me to those appointments, so my primary care doctor and specialists were on the same page. She made certain the new medications prescribed when I was in the hospital were picked up at the pharmacy and she notified all my other doctors of the new medications I had been started on. She also arranged for the various tests and scans I needed to have as an outpatient.
I can honestly say I don't think I would have made the strides for such a speedy recovery if it wasn't for Barbara's knowledge on how to work through the healthcare system and the compassion and care she gave to me during what I consider to be one of my darkest hours. I am so grateful I was introduced to Barbara when I was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Patti - Plymouth, MA
Genuinely compassionate and trusting to her clients
I travel quite extensively with my job and it has become much more difficult finding the time to take care of the increasing health needs and concerns for my aging parents; mom in her early 80's and dad in his mid 80's. I hired Barbara, Patient Advocate and Healthcare Liaison from ABC FOR YOUR HEALTH to step in and help take care of my parent's healthcare needs when I travel out of town. The first time I met Barbara, I was intrigued with her professionalism and the knowledge she has about the ins and outs of healthcare, but what completely sold me was her genuine compassion she has toward my folks. Barbara treats my folks as if they were her own! When I am traveling for work or away from home, Barbara keeps me updated with any new developments or urgent health issues that arise. I completely trust Barbara's insight in managing my parent's care and know they are both in good hands. The sense of relief I have knowing that Barbara is there taking care of my parents when I am out of town goes far beyond words.
Dave - Hingham, MA
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ABC FOR YOUR HEALTH is a privately owned and independent patient advocacy and healthcare liaison firm based in Scituate, Massachusetts. We provide clients and their families with information and guidance needed to navigate the American healthcare system. We work with clients and families as true partners in their own health, empowering the client to become a more confident healthcare consumer.

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Our experienced personnel holds accreditations in areas of patient advocacy, case management, leadership, and medical administration, in addition to decades of first-hand professional experience in the healthcare industry.

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Based out of Scituate, Massachusetts, providing services from the Greater Boston area to the South Shore communities of Massachusetts, including Hingham, Cohassett, Scituate, Marshfield, Duxbury, Plymouth, and surrounding towns.


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ABC FOR YOUR HEALTH, LLC does not provide legal, medical, or financial advice, but works to identify options and resources for their clients.